About Clay On The Wheel

Getting 1% better every day happens when we put clay on the wheel.

I’m no potter. And this site isn’t about pottery.

The last time I put clay on an actual wheel was a summer camp in 5th grade. As a writer and producer, though, the visual stuck with me as the best way to approach building online.

We’ve got to show up every day.

We’ve got to put in the work every day.

We’ve got to improve every day.

And by doing so, the results follow.

1% better every day has a compounding effect.

So if you’re looking for SEO strategies to improve your site’s rankings, tips for using LinkedIn more effectively, cold open email templates, or anything else geared toward building your brand or business online, you’re in the right place.

We’ll share regular posts, guides, and best practices so that we can all get better together.

Together, we’re getting rid of the idea of perfection in business. Instead, we’re focused on progress.

Instead of stressing about sculpting a work of art, let’s focus on putting the clay on the wheel every day.

Have you put your clay on the wheel today?